DogClaw Features

DogClaw Products, Inc. has made the ultimate scratcher for your dog! With its patented claw like design, the DogClaw features three scratching/massaging surfaces guaranteed to satisfy (see our Money Back Guarantee).
The DogClaw - Massaging Knuckles!

The Scratching Talons are specially designed to penetrate any thickness of fur, giving your dog the deep scratch they want while the larger Massaging Knuckles smoothly glide over your dogs coat, massaging them to their delight. In addition, the Radial Sides help to pinpoint those hard to reach places.

The DogClaw also has the Hold Anywhere Handle allowing you to easily adjust your grip for comfort or distance from dog. Whether you are in the living room sitting on the couch, The DogClaw - Hold Anywhere Handle!The DogClaw - Collar Grab!or standing in the kitchen, this specially designed handle lets you hold it anywhere so you can reach different scratching points of your dog. In addition, the Collar Grab allows you to easily hook your dogs collar when a quick grab is desired. Great for when friends are entering your home and you want to prevent your dog from jumping on them, or when your loved one is carrying in the groceries, the Collar Grab is easy on and easy off. Hang one by the front door for a quick grab anytime! (Collar Grab is not designed to replace a leash when total control would be desired.)

Your Dog Wants One!